We are committed to providing theological resources for the formation of leaders called to serve the global church.

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Loaves & Fishes & Books, A Note from the Executive Director


There is a multiplying effect to the books we send. In addition to providing the essential texts for students and faculty engaged in theological study and reflection, these books are also vital resources for the communities in which they are situated. As we observed recently in Zimbabwe and Uganda, local clergy are using seminary libraries as they write sermons and prepare Bible studies. Pastors and lay leaders are drawing on the wisdom of foundational texts and contextual theology as they struggle to faithfully serve communities grappling with poverty, corruption, and conflict.

Clergy are often the most educated members of a village. Seminary graduates become community leaders who are able to bring creative approaches to discipleship, sustainable development, and peace and reconciliation. The theological texts they study not only deepen faith, but challenge their communities to witness to God’s love for all people in all circumstances.

As you support the ministry of the Theological Book Network, your gifts flow far beyond the seminary library walls, reaching deeply into communities -- communities that yearn for these resources, and that put them to use in ways so creative that we are awed by their reach. We marvel at the hand of God in action. Loaves and fishes.

Nancy D. Arnison J.D. Ph.D.
Executive Director

Theological Book Network Announces Research Opportunity for Global South Scholars

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Our Mission The Theological Book Network is committed to the creation and development of Majority World leaders by providing access to educational resources from the West and by assisting in the production and dissemination of local resources, contributing to the practice of theological reflection on the needs and goals of the Majority World church. The Theological Book Network is an ecumenical nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.